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Binky Bro Barney Patrol (Moss) Straw Sun Hat

Binky Bro Barney Patrol (Moss) Straw Sun Hat

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The Barney Patrol is our 100% natural straw sun hat. Dried straw is DELICATE and can be broken if bent or smashed. Straw hats are designed to protect you from the sun, but not from the water. Water on straw hats will cause the straw to bow, expand, and eventually break. Avoid putting it in the pool or ocean. The hat includes a chin strap tie that can be used to accommodate head size.  Our Barney Patrols are  true-to-size based on the child's age. What this means is the average sized kid--about 50% on the growth charts--is used as the barometer for head circumference. Unlike our traditional snapbacks the size isn't adjustable.

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